Pakistan & India Lead WTC25 Standings After Ashes Sanctions

Check out the latest WTC25 standings! Pakistan and India dominate the leaderboard after Ashe’s sanctions. Exciting cricket updates.

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The Ashes series saw both England and Australia lose points due to a slow over-rate, significantly impacting the standings of the World Test Championship.

The ICC World Test Championship standings have undergone a significant shift, with England and Australia receiving sanctions for their slow over-rate in the Ashes series.

Incurring a penalty of 19 points, England’s position in the WTC25 standings further declined, while Australia had 10 points deducted, pushing them down the ladder.

As a consequence, Pakistan and India, neighboring nations from Asia, now dominate the standings, firmly securing the top two spots after an unbeaten start in WTC25.

Pakistan has made a perfect start in the 2023-25 campaign, achieving a point percentage of 100 after a clean sweep against Sri Lanka. In a closely contested first Test, Babar Azam’s men displayed dominance, securing a thumping innings victory in the second Test.

Hot on their heels, India currently holds the second spot with a point percentage of 66.66%. Their series against the West Indies resulted in a win and a draw. India set the tone with a massive innings victory in the first Test, but rain dashed their hopes of a clean sweep in the second Test, ending in a stalemate.

Prior to the sanctions, England and Australia both had 26 points, equivalent to a point percentage of 43.33. However, after the penalties, Australia’s percentage dropped to 30%, and England’s plummeted to 15%, putting them below West Indies at 16.67%.

Sri Lanka, having suffered a whitewash of 2-0 at home, finds themselves at the bottom with zero points. Bangladesh, New Zealand, and South Africa are yet to commence their campaign in the current iteration of the World Test Championship.

Adding to their woes, Australia lost their top spot in the MRF Tyres ICC Men’s Test Rankings as England made an impressive comeback from 2-0 to 2-2 in the Ashes series. Now tied at 118 points, India claims the top position due to a slightly higher decimal points score (118.4) compared to Australia (117.8), pushing Australia to second place.

England, gaining one point from the drawn series, is closing in on the top position with a total of 115 points.

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